Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer
Domain Transfer
Want to benefit from:
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 99.99% Up time
  • Excellent support
Transfering your domain to Gullivers Online Services is easy.
1. Inform your host to update the IPS-TAG to UNLIMITED
2. Pay us the transfer fee.
3. Pay for Hosting once transfer complete
Although your domain will be assigned to Gullivers Online services; your current provider will still continue to host your website until the end of your subscription. 2 days before your subscription ends with your current provider I will transfer your website to us. You will then be invoiced by Gullivers Online Services for a new yearly subscription.


How much does it cost to Transfer?

That depends on the TLD see this table:
Domain Transfer Pricing
TLD Price £8 / £8
.com £10
.biz £10
.info £10 £10 £10
.name £10
.net £10
.org £10

Why are you charging me a fee to transfer my domain to you?

This is actually being charged by the registrer.#

How much does hosting cost with Gullivers Online Services?

£30 per year

What do I need to provide Gullivers Online Services to transfer my domain?

1. Your ftp information(Host; Username; Password).

2. The date of when your subscription ends with your current host

3. Database username/password

How much notice do I need to give?

That depends on your current providers Terms and Conditions. However I would start the process before your provider issues you with an invoice for the next subscription year.

I update my website on a daily basis will I loose anything?

You might. As mentioned 2 days before your subscription ends with your current provider I will start the transfer process. So you should really stop any updates until your fully transferred.

Why do you need my ftp details?

So I can copy your website and database to Gullivers Online Services webservers

My current provider only charge me £22 per year; why are you charging £30 per year.

Your current provider may have tiered options so your probably on their cheapest package; At Gullivers Online Service we offer 1 package at 1 price so everyone will benefit.

Are there any additional  charges for the transfer?

Yes in addition to the transfer fee there will be the £30 annual fee. Once the transfer is complete you will be invoiced by Gullivers Online Services and should be paid within 7 days to avoid any disruptions.

When will Gullivers Online Services Invoice me for another year?

60 days and the invoice must be paid 35days prior to the expiry date.

How do I start the Transfer?

Choose what your domain ends with in the drop down box below (Currently and .com can be done online, Please Contact Us if your domain ends differently). Then check out and pay; once your in paypal be sure to add your domain name and when your subscription ends in the notes to merchant box. Double check you have given us the correct information.

Send a request to your existing hosting provider to update the  IPS-TAG to UNLIMITED

We will then create your domain on our servers.

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